Recently, our Gold Ties ‘18 visited Pine Summit in Big Bear for their 3-day Senior Retreat! Those jam-packed few days allowed time for reflection, sharing, celebration, fun, and bonding. The retreat, led by Campus Minister and Religion teacher Ms. Warner, included talks by each attending faculty member, small group discussion, group work, and some free time to enjoy the facilities’ various activities outdoors. Gold Ties got the chance to try ziplining, paintballing, shooting, and archery! Throughout the three days, students could write affirmations for their classmates, as well as for the faculty members on retreat, and place them in the affirmation boxes in the meeting lodge. One group activity required students to evaluate their personality, then grouped them together by color/personality type. Each color group worked together to create posters representing themselves, then presented it to the larger group. This retreat was only the first of many exciting upcoming senior events, as the Gold Ties make their way towards graduation in June!

“The senior retreat provided me with insight towards reflection and how our past guides us towards God. Reflection with our group as well as teachers’ reflections showed me how we may connect God to every aspect of our lives and grow from each connection. I really enjoyed this retreat as I was able to understand my fellow Gold Ties and realize we all have things that connect and guide us together.” -Jessica Edwards

“Senior Retreat was the most interesting thing so far. It was an amazing opportunity to connect with my Gold Tie sisters. Other than that, there were a lot of activities I have not tried before. I also had the opportunity to open and experience my faith with my sisters.” -Kenya Mayers

“The Senior Retreat allowed me to perceive my peers with an open heart and mind to comprehend their story. The retreat also enabled me to try new activities that I never partook in before. Thanks to the senior retreat, I was able to enjoy my experience with others who were close to me and enjoy the beauty outdoors. In all, the senior retreat allowed me to perceive my peers differently, to be close to them in a different way. It opened my heart to the love God has for me and for them.” -Giselle Melendez

“I have gotten closer to the class, which was something I never knew would happen, especially because I am a transfer student. Overall, this retreat was one for the books. I realized that I was loved and appreciated. As well as that everyone came from different backgrounds and everyone is different, so one should be understanding to everything.” -Vivian Garcia